Sunday, December 14, 2008

P.Malaysia's Main Range Ride

6 Dec 2008.

2 bikes 2 riders. Me and Radzi (Mr Big). We started from KL on 6 Dec 08 morning after typical breakfast (boiled eggs, bread and kopi; sorry no nasi lemak cos bad diet for riding). Our initial route will take us KL-Temerloh-Jerantut-K Lipis-Gua Musang-Gerik. Overnite Gerik then upward to Baling-K.Nerang-Alor Star-Kangar- and downward to Butterworth- K.Kangsar- Parit-Tk.Intan-Sabak Bernam-K.Selangor-Rawang-KL. My estimate the total journey would cover almost 2000km.
KL to Temerloh was not interesting. Too much heavy traffics and just the Karak Highway ride. Rain started as we passed Karak and throughout the day ride. Raincoat? Forget it riding in this type of rainy season. It just keep on pouring over you. Temerloh is a nice small town. Jerantut is confusing, many turns and one-way. We had to tour Jerantut twice before we managed to get out to correct road towards K. Lipis. K.Lipis to Gua Musang is very nice road though many turns and with wet road and some passing palm oil plantations and refineries can be dangerous. No fast cornering Babes! Since the Raya Haji falls on 8 Dec 08, the traffic flowing North was heavy. Stream of cars. No choice but to overtake them, some on double lanes. Ooop! sorry guys.
At Gua Musang after lunch we decided to ride to C.Highland instead of Gerik but due to my own stupidity of miscalculate Camel fuel consumption I found that Camel would run dry before we could arrive C.Highland. So, we have to about turn towards Gua Musang to fuel Camel. Blessing in disguise, after calculation we decide to stick to our original plan to head for Gerik through Jeli. Jeli to Gerik was like navigating ship in darkness without radar! Visibility was restricted due to thick fog and dark road. Boy! Like riding from Monaco to La Spezia, if you know what I mean. We arrived Gerik around 9pm. Soak wet and hungry only to find the Gerik rest house restaurant did not served dinner. Reason, no water! We had to instruct the waitress to tell the cook how to prepare sandwich and scramble eggs. I think I annoyed the cook. He came out and sat at the counter staring at us. Hungry man angry man, right? We finally settled down for the nite feeling disappointed about the service at the rest house. However, we slept like log. Zzzzzzzz
7 Dec 08. We decided to cut short our tour due to last minute commitment. So we headed straight to Perak via K Kangsar - Parit. We disengaged at Bota Kiri; Mr Big drove to Tk Intan while I went to Sitiawan. I rode to KL alone on 9 Dec 08. The rain still pouring through out the KL ride.
In summary:
a. Total distance covered - 1100km
b. Average speed - 100km/h
c. Cost - RM 130 fuel
- RM 25 Accomodation
- RM 70 Food/drinks
d. Rating - 7 over 10