Monday, January 5, 2009

Butt Ride Part II

5 Jan 2009
First, a belated Happy New Year 2009 to you. Pray for a better year. Butt Ride Part II is scheduled to cover the Northern coastal roads and part of the Main Range of Peninsular Malaysia. 3 riders and 3 different bikes. We gathered at Kuala Selangor (the old site for the Selangor Sultanate kingdom). Riding through Tg Karang, Sabak Bernam and Kayan saw padi fields, coconuts and oil palms plantation. Very cool and overcast weather."Restoren Asam Pedas at Kamunting. Phooo! It is just delicious. For drink it is air ambra and asam bo (another kick fruits drink). The lunch cost RM38. Boy! You should try.

KLR, Apperilia and Honda

Asam Pedas Restoran

Nordin Bridge's bottom across Perak River

More to follow.....