Monday, June 29, 2009

Sewing Machine

29 June 2009

Mum! Pse dont throw away the old sewing machine. See, they still serve you well.

Sabah Travel Part 2

29 June 2009 Well, what can I say more about the adventure in Sabah Travel. From mountain climbing,jungle trekking (careful you may get lost), gravel road ride to under sea deep all in one. Or if you prefer to learn about Cocoa growing or some odds tropical forest history then this is the place. Im not selling Sabah but it just an awesome place to see. Ride Far Ride Safe.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Eastern Sabah Islands

15 June 2009

Diving, scuba dive or snorkling. If your hobby is any one of these, then come to this part of the world. Five stars or shoe-string budget. And if your budget is either one of these, you can still enjoy your hobby here. All within reach. But if you dont envy any of these, then dont waste your time comming here. If you stay in any one of the island resorts be prepare to pay around RM1000 per person per nite. I think only two category of visitors will do that; first, somebody sponsor you and second, plain idiot. The best way is to stay in Semporna, in the mainland of Sabah(many cheap cheap motels), hire a qualified divers (also part and parcel of the motel arrangement)and go for daily trip to any of the selected islands. You can stay longer this way at a very resonable price. Most visiotrs select this option. Semporna is lively too during the nite. This is where the happening, so to speak. Come and see for yourself.
Alas! Pu Sipadan is only limited for day trip and only 150 person is allowed to visit per day. Registered early.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


2 June 2009
This is Tawau. A small port but an important one in this part of Sabah. From air its just very green with patches of clearing and buildings mixed old and new ones. The Naval Base had its own stories to tell. Fresh fish and prawns from the wet market worth place to visit. You know why - cheap and fresh from the sea!