Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haj - Departure

28 October 2009

Getting ready to go! The attire is very much different from riding suit isn't? Look at the amount of clothing I bring. Very light indeed!

May Allah bless you all. Amzah

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back to basic

October 16,2009; 27 Syawal 1430

It has been a fairly long silence since I last wrote this blog. What can I say, I am busy with my pre-retirement training to get the STCW ticket. Actually it is back to basic; Port, Starboard, Rule of the Road and other seaman codes. As a seaman, you are difference. You learn the terrestial, maritime and celestial dimensions. Why all these back to training? Wow! good question. Simple answer, this is one of the thing I want to do after my retirement - continue study. The other being - travel. What new travel episode since last ride? On the 10th October, The Manjung Bikers Group organised a Merdeka Ride through the Manjung and Sitiawan Districts. Some 170 bikers joined. The Menteri Besar Perak and Menteri Perumahan graced the occasion. Successful it was and I would say Well Done to the organiser.
My next travel epic will be to Makkah for the Haj. Although under the Tabung Haji Malaysia, it must be a once in a life time experience. Stay tune for that stories. Cherio!