Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Possible Entry?

September 15, 2010

Was searching for next bike to the stable and the FZ6 comes into view. Not a fast one compared to its brother FZ1 but the larger tank plus light weight attract me most plus not too pricey. Any comment?

Monday, September 13, 2010

In Memory of Silver

Sep 13,2010 - Today Silver (the attentive one) died after being beaten by a poisonous snake. She will always be remembered.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Day Ride

Sep 12, 2010

Its a cool sunday morning when I start the day trip on a 'circums-navigate route' (Sitiawan-Kg Kayan-Kg Gajah-Degong-Ayer Kuning-Manir-Chenderiang-Lata Kinjang Waterfall-Kual Dipang-Jeram-Malim Nawar-Yg Tualang-Bali-Bota Kanan-Parit_Bruas-Sitiawan). Refer "Road Map& Highway Guide of Malaysia" 2009, Scale 1:915000.
There is always a feeling of freedom and satisfaction when you ride cruising at 80 - 100 kph. Though the traffic is not surprisingly high along the Sitiawan-Kg Kayan road, otherwise its smooth going. Well understood. Its sunday and most of all the Eid Fitr celebration just enter its 3rd day. Many Muslim still visiting relatives and friends at places while others take advantage of the long hols. Only idiot like me wander around during this festive season.What a dude!
The Perak Tengah Padi Estate funded by the World Bank is sure a sight not to be missed if you ride this area. You see nothing but padi padi as far as your horizon. Once you leave Perak Tengah district you enter Malaysian Kampong (village)where during this festive season most city folks return home to their kampongs. Typical sight, kampong house on stilts with big compound surrounded by trees all green and shady; Malaysia made car paraded in the compound. If they are abit 'up' you see Benz, Toyota, Honda and BMW.
Once upon a time I lived in a kampong called Chenderong Balai near Degong. Could not figure out where the house now as many have changed. One structure remain unchanged is the Degong Irrigation Dam ( we called it the 'Drop'). During those years this water catchment area was used as a 'mandi Safar ritual' celebration but was banned by the Government as this ritual is Kafr activity and unislamic.
First stop for cuppa and fuel was Temoh. Cold Alicafe augurs well in this hot day. After break, I took a wrong turn and was lost to find the short-cut to Chenderiang. One thing you must remember, ask the local. Dont trust your GPS as you are about to enter kampong roads, crossing someone backyard and possibly toilets and farm where you run over chickens and goats.
The Lata Kinjang Waterfall is noticeable from afar. It formed part of the Main Range of the Peninsular Malaysia I think. You can even see it on your right if you are travelling along the NS PLUS Highway North Bound at Km 300 just after the Tapah R&R. Carry on towards Kuala Dipang and to Jeram is the typical British Army road of the WW2 (8 ft wide, twisted among the hills and narrow). Close to Kual Dipang, I stopped to see an old school which is well kept to this day and still in used.
2nd stop for cuppa and lunch (Maggie mee) at Kg. Bali. Here Camel gets her shade. The areas surrounding Kg. Bali and Tg. Tualang were ex-tin mine area and what left today lakes which mostly uneconomical use though many beautifully covered with local water lilies. Not the case anymore, they are of many use after all. One such is Duck farm.
The final journey from Tg Tualang-Parit-Bruas-Sitiawan is uneventful. The day is drawing fast and dark clouds moving towards my route. Have to increase speed hoping the hols keep the cops away. Arrived home just after sunset and escape the rain behind me. Its has been a good day ride indeed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yesteryear and now

September 7, 2010

Some old pics of my travelling spots. Top to bottom; Somewhere in Malaysian jungle tracking off-road onboard Kawasaki KLR 650; early 70's at home onboard Honda C70; in the 80's travelling with friend (Ong Keng Guan)onboard Honda CB 175 and in 80's off Teluk Batik, Perak onboard Honda CB 161.

Many things have changed since but not the habit.....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Recent Pics

September 4, 2010

Some of my most memorable pics taken last year.
* Sue at Jabal Rahmah
* Sunrise at Masjid Nabawi, Medina
* The New 'Lawrence of Arabia'

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 of a kind

September 3, 2010

All in the stable. Bike is meant to be ridden! Store them, they rot. Ride them, they work awesome!