Saturday, August 13, 2011

Have Bike Will Travel

August 14, 2011

No matter what motorbike model you ride, it just the same feeling, the environment surrounds you. That is the beauty of riding a motorbike. Have bike will travel.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Malaysia/Thailand Land Border-Crossing

August 10, 2011

Mal/Thai Border-Crossing

You can find many write-up about this topic in other references and articles, and this may be a review for those who have known about it but from another perspective. Let me say this from the beginning, in any border-crossing, each of them is different and unique because the officials dealing with you are different person all the time. So what? So, always prepare to encounter with tough situation, allow about 4 hours of border-cross and smile from ear to ear. If luck is with you or you are such a beautiful girl or handsome enough man the chance are you get pass quickly, then it is considered a bonus. Or else stick to my basic rules.
At the time of writing, there are 6 legal Mal/Thai Border cross points. All accessible by motorbike and car. They are, Pasir Panjang/Sg Kolok; Bukit Berapit/Betong; Bukit Kayu Hitam/Danok; Padang Besar; Wang Klian/Wang Prachap and a newly open near Padang Terap (Malaysian side).
If you intend to travel from Malaysia to Thailand or reverse in the Eastern part of both countries, then your choice will be limited to Pasir Panjang/Sg Kolok, Bukit Berapit/Betong and the newly open points.
Some of the observations at each of the check points are:

Pasir Panjang/Sg Kolok

* The Custom office on the Thai side is newly build and the counters are not yet operational
* You have to use the pedestrian counter to stamp your international passport
* There is no insurance agents office on the Thai side. You need to go to next nearest town, Yala or Takbai.
* RM2 insert in your passport as you get it stamp. The official just ask if you forget. Dont do on the Malaysian side, you offend the officials.

Bukit Berapit/Betong

* On the Malaysian side, the nearest town is Pengkalan Hulu. Get your requirement here. There is nothing at the border point of the Malaysia side.
* The check point on Thai side is a huge building and newly build. Betong is about 6 km from the check point.
* RM 2 each for your passport and bike temporary import permit Thai side. No, on the Malaysian side.

Bukit Kayu Hitam/Danok

* The popular and well established border points on both side.
* Avoid weekend and holidays as you may have to get into a long queue with other traffics
* RM 1 for immigration on the Thai side. Not on the Malaysian side.

Padang Besar Border Cross

* Used to be the main entry point between the two countries before the Bukit Kayu Hitam/Danok point was opened.
* The Railway line linking both countries pass trough these check points.

Wang Klian/Wang Prachap

* The road leading towards Wang Prachap check point from Satun, Thailand is still under construction.
* Satun to Wang Prachap check point is about 12 km.
* RM 2 each for Custom and Immigration on Thai side. Nothing on the Malaysian side.


Illegal possession of fire arms and drugs trafficking are serious offences in both countries.In Malaysia if found guilty it carries a mandatory death sentence. On each side of the countries after the border check points you will encounter with road blocks from the enforcement agencies.
Have a safe and enjoyable journey.