Thursday, January 26, 2012

South America Ride Trip

Ruta 25N. Watch that long trailer!

Local fruit seller

Happy crazy bikers

More crazy bikers

Bikes all size and shape ready to roll

Day 14 till 15 (23 - 24 Jan 2012)

More bikers called at the hostel where I stay in Cali. All size and shape. This is one happy crazy people who shared the same passion - adventure ride with motorcycle.
I also found out that local fruit sellers are on push-cart selling Colombian local fruits. Most the first time I have seen and taste. Along the Route 25 PanAm highway at this part the road is just flat and well paved. Once awhile you see lorry towed a 5 container load of sugar cane towards the refineries. What a sight.

Monday, January 23, 2012

South America Motorcycle Roadtrip

Small town called Sevilla, Colombia

Prepare for test run

Colombian Coffee cafe beside a kiosk station

Day 8 - Day 13 (17th till 22nd Jan 2012)

Test run towards Bogota on a sunny day. Along Ruta (Route) N25 was fun indeed. The bike works fine and cruising at legal speed limit (100 kph) along this PanAmerican stretch was no problem. But you get bored quickly along this highway. I decided to get into the secondary road which alot more thrilling. Bends, slopes and potholes!
Along mid-day I arrived a town called Armenia. This is one of the many coffee plantation towns - the popular Colombian coffee. I had a cuppa there. It is just awesome.
My first impression of Colombia in terms country"s physical landscape, the vegetation and agriculture products can be summarised as quite similar to Mindanao. The land is very fertile.
On my return journey to Cali, it rained almost all the way but the test run is assessed as very successful with only few things to make good; head lamp bulb blew and a mul-fuction GPS power connecter.

Friday, January 20, 2012

South America Motorcycle Road Trip | London - Madrid - Cali, Colombia

D-Day + 1 till 7 - Flight from London to Madrid to Cali, Colombia.

Arrived London for some administrative preparation. Weather in London as usual can be described in a single word - sucks! Flight to Cali was from London - Madrid - Cali, Colombia. At Madrid, Aviancia flight to Cali check-in counter I was almost refused on board because the official said I do not have visa! The argument was the duration between my entry into Colombia and departure Colombia exceeds the 90 days tourist visa policy as set by the Colombian Immigration. Aiya!

Despite a lengthy explanation about my trip that official simply do not understand and asked me to buy a new return ticket that meet the 90 days policy. I argued to see the supervisor and the official did present to their supervisor about the situation and return to say " You OK to go".
Point noted.

I arrived Cali and settled at Casa Blanca Hostel. You may want to visit this bikers friendly place. For more on Casa Blanca Hostel, click here.

What do I think about Cali?

Cali is a nice city. There are obviously many new buildings and contemporary structures and designs overtaking the Cali Old City. The best way to see the city is by walking along the streets passing many cafes serve typical Colombian coffee. Under USD $2 you get a 'kick' cup of coffee. The streets are lined with many old trees providing shades to pedestrian walkway and traffics.

The People in Cali.

Two points illustrate the people in Cali or Colombian as a whole. The male are just stunning. The women, big boops and wide butts. Hehe!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

South America Motorcycle Road Trip | Kuala Lumpur - London

at the LCCT airport, Kuala Lumpur, before the flight

D-Day 10 Jan 2012

When the Airbus 300 jet engines roar and lifted the 400 tons plus wide body plane from KLIA's runaway, I told myself the adventure to South America has begin.

Follow my upcoming trip report. Adios!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

South America Trip (SAT) 2012

D Day - 3

Its Saturday 7 January 2012, another 3 days before my departure for SAT 2012. My packing list is just one ruck sack, one 27kg bag and whatever I wear and riding jacket.
Just like the pic above. It is much less than my Europe Ride.