Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Beautiful Malaysia

My Beautiful Malaysia
  Riding along the lower plain towards the upland area of Malaysia one experienced a change in perception;  on the upland you asked whether you are in any temperate countries.  However, you are surrounded with green environment regardless of altitude level. This is something I loved most of this beautiful country. The myriads insect, plants, trees and vegetation amazed me. How blessed this country is.

Typical lower plain river

Green padi estate at Central Perak State
Upland road and surrounding - cool
Sometimes mist develop but clear soon enough
Colonial building turned into reasonable rate hotel
   On the lower plain on the country it is hot and humid temperature dominate the environment but still there are many green. On the upland its temperature drops slightly and give a bright and cool surrounding; very comfortable environment. The green gets greener here on the higher land.
 If travelled on four wheels you would not enjoyed the most. Try on two and you know what I mean. Take your time and stop at the very instance you sight something that attract you. Regardless whether you are local or foreigner dont take  thing for granted just because you see them often. Believed me you will be fascinated.
    Have a safe and enjoyable trip.