Thursday, January 3, 2013

Canada and Alaska Trip

20 Feb 2013 - Canada and Alaska Trip

  Its ride preparation again! This time cross Canada and North to Alaska. First, I was looking how much and how long this trip going to be. Hmmm.. I say, let plan for 3 months all together; 2 months in Canada and a month in Alaska. starting mid June end mid Sept. Alas! I hit into Ramadan the fasting month! No problem as to wait later month means I will ride into the cold season which is not fun to do. How much budget? Very tricky question I said, and as rule of the thumb MYR 10K per month including air fares and bike purchase/rental it could easily reach to MYR 60K! Wow! That much eh?
  I managed to establish contact with another fellow biker in Nelson BC, Canada who is willing to help me out with the bike requirement. So, I am bang on to him now. Its a Wee Storm. Similar to the Europe Ride. I think it a good choice.
  Next, the visa application. You know what, Malaysian going to Canada have to apply visa at the Canada High Commission in Singapore. The amount of questions they asked is just mountain! Rocky mountain? I finally managed to put up my application and had it courier to Singapore today. Hope all in order and after this the US visa application.
 I also jot down various routes to take and camp sites and cheap hostel along the intended route. This has been going for sometime now and unfinished yet.
 Interestingly, I met another Malaysia biker who is planning to ride the world  starting from Canada about the same time of my trip date. We met couple of times, compared notes and hope to ride Alaska together. Let see. 
     The trip preparation continues..