Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trip Preparation

30 April 2013

 Between my last posting and update till now there about a month gap + -. I have been busy with my farm work, lecturing in the University and other chores. Riding has been mostly local and into the farm. I enjoyed the robustness of the KLR which I bashed around up and down the farm, drop, stuck in mud, carrying loads for the farm and ferry me to and fro house some 51 km away from the farm. Call it Working Camel. That's exactly what it is. No wonder the USMC still relied this machine in their inventory.

Working Camel   
By end of March, I got the Canadian visa stamp in my passport and the US visa on 18 April. Finally what a relief from the visa application questions and answers. A bit on the US interview that I have gone through just to share with my fellow Malaysian. I fixed my interview time at 7.20 am. The earliest possible time the better. The queue at the main entrance to the US Embassy build up very fast for Visa applicants. I was queue number 9. As I was called for the personal interview, these were the questions the official asked me; Why are you going to the US? Do you have  friend in the US? How long your friend have live in the US? You have been to the US 5 times, what were you doing there ? Why your wife is not accompanying you ? How old is your youngest child? Do you have any grandchildren? End questioning. 
  Last month also I had a visitor from Australia riding round the world on his motorcycle. I offered him to stay in my rented house in Batu Gajah, Perak ( about 210 km from Kuala Lumpur the capital city). We had the opportunity to share experiences and ride up the hill (Cameron Highland). We also did some Geocaching hunts. That was my first Geocache experience and thought it was a wonderful way to enjoy riding activities. Thank you Richard.
Richard getting ready for C.Highland ride.
Richard the TravelingStorm

Richard got tied up!
The TravelingStorm
On the trip preparation, I bought a new rain-proof luggage and a rain coat. Other than that I think all my riding gears can still last this trip and would not want to spend unnecessary. Already the flight tickets have taken a large chunk of the budget. So, I must say I am almost ready to go now and counting days. Set date 14 June 2013 I fly out Malaysia for Canada, transit UK enroute. Salam.