Friday, June 7, 2013

Canada/Alaska Ride - D - 7

Friday, 7 June 2013 ( 28 Rejab 1434)

         Next week , I am off to start the Canada/Alaska Ride. Eager as anyone in the same shoe. When I tick my checklist, all seem in placed now. There are of course some teething problems but that would be solved in time to come. I am not unduly worried about it. If you want a 100% well-prepared trip then you will not even kick off. The best way is draw a general outline plan and just do it. The details will come as it comes. At least that how I did all my previous trip.
     I was doing some riding lately and the following pics always encourage me how nature at works and Allah the Almighty knows bes
Off-road towards home

Sunset along highway

Quick snap before downpour
Watching the sunset
Sunrise and moonset
Sunset by the sea side

These make one wonders what is the purpose of life. Think about it. I hope there will be more of the nature at works pics from the other continent.