Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kuala Lumpur - London Ride 2015

20 August 2015 - The Plan and Preparation   

 The idea of a ride from Kuala Lumpur to London (KL - London) was mooted in 2014. I was speaking with Mr. Ali when visiting his garage early 2014 and spoke about this particular ride. Instantly he was excited with smile in his face and said " Jom"! ( Lets do it!). He continued, " Saya kahwin dulu Bang then settle everything dan kita jalan" ( Let me get married first then when everything settle we move).
A year and a half after this small meeting, we finally come to agree to a simple plan; Ride all the way from Malaysia to the UK, in about 3 months. Upon arrival the UK, ship bike and rider back to Malaysia or leave bike in Europe for later ride while rider fly home.

Simple as I can think, things get a bit different in our preparation. There is going to be a huge dent on our pocket to cross China or Myanmar with just for two of us. In the region of USD 11,350 per person just to cross China for about 14 days or USD 1500 per person to cross Myanmar for a 10 days duration. I therefore seek assistance. Two other interested friends willing to team-up. So, in the end we are a team of 4 riders and 4 bikes and we pick to cross Myanmar by engaging the Burma Senses Travel & Tour company. A 10 days ride across Myanmar for USD 1210 per person.

 .....and our selected route will be
No trace?....check it out next post....