Friday, August 27, 2010


27 August 2010

Last month Noa (my 2 years old grand daughter) spent a month holiday with me (Opa). One of the best moment pic I captured was at the railway station. In the next 20 years this pic will be treasured. You know this isnt it?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Day Life

24 August 2010

In the evening, its feeding time for the 5 doggies; Joe, Maggie, silver, Brownie and blackie (not in pic rather shy). "Talking" to them is actually a wonderful experience never before I think of. Joe, the aggrasive one, Mag very childish, silver very attentive, Brownie playful and Blackie the shy one. What a character.
These are the African Barkless dog. They came, I feed and they stay.
Next is to train them to ride as pillion rider. Let see....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What in today?

22 Aug 2010

A day in the farm. The usual stuffs.Sometime things do go wrong tho still time to ride around

Johor Trip

23 August 2010

In early June 2010, 3 riders, 3 different type of motorcycles rode to South Johore from Kuala Lumpur. The centre piece of the ride was Meeting fellow bikers from Pahang in Johor. On the return leg, we stopped at some historical sites. The most important to share is the British WW2 Bunker along the Rompin primary road. Still strong and useable though looked very tired from the weather.

Good ride with good company of Nolan and Soldier. Amzah

Saturday, August 21, 2010


21 August 2010

I have been silence for a long time. To open my blog the computer seems to need for a WD 40. Ho ho! Anyway, I am not at all forgotten about updating this blog. No reason but only have to say I am lazy as there are not much traveling stories to tell. You know what, over the span of 6 months ago I have been busy sorting out my small farm in Perak. Good excuse? You tell me.
As anxious as every biker preparing for a long trip, me no difference. Next month I will jump-start my RTW dream by covering the UK, Ireland and some parts of Europe. The rough plan is to tour Highland Scotland and Ireland before ride into France,Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Holland and back to UK b4 return to Malaysia.
Budget. This is always every rider Q n A. I estimated to spend about RM25K. Hmmm..quite on a high side? Dunno but I am going for a shoe-string budget.
Thats a short update to get me into second, third, fourth and fifth gear on my Camel. Wake up Camel, it riding time!!