Monday, April 30, 2012

The Patagonian Experience

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 The most telling stories about the Patagonian are the strong wind and emptiness. I concur that. When I transit this plain, the wind varies from 100 kph to just breeze. You know, the style of riding change when the gust 100kph wind hit you, especialy the cross wind. Like sailing, when you get wind from close haul you just have to do a balancing act - incline riding but when you get wind from stern it just plain sailing. So the stories go..
For miles and miles you see nothing just empty plain, you and your bike. Lonely but this was the time your mind minggles somewhere else. What am I doing here? How small I am compare to this God given land. You learn about yourself.
        Route 40 - the popular route take by the Revolutionary leader Che Guirra was such famous by the South American riders. least I have gone through some parts of Che´s route.
        In summary, the Patagonian is one lonely place to ride and you have to ride there to experience it. Adios!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

South America Ride Tour 2012

26 April 2012

 The Patagonian Experience.  This great plain is vast and not many habitant. The Route 40 which I  rode from Villa De Agostura down towards Ushuaia was a mixed paved and dirt track or rippio. Between towns along this route is between 200 to 400 km distance apart. What it means is, your bike must have range singly on it own tank or you can choose to carry extra jerry can hang somewhere on your bike (Many bikers I saw did just this). Mainly the road is straight and up and down fairly according to the land contour. The road is fence both sides to prevent the usual donkey, llamas and wild horses from side crossing to find a better grasing area. However these animals are considerably big in size so as you see from atleast kilomtres away and most you can avoid them even when they do a congregation in the middle of the road. But, they are not the only habitants there, beware of the ostrich like birds which are too stupid to cross thr road even when there is a big truck infront! Simply put, they behave like chicken cross the road.
     Along the paved road you can travel easily at good speed, I mean about 120kph or 160kph if you are on 100bhp bike! I prefer the former. Or to my liking a 100pkh is the best speed. On the dirt track I went as slow as 30pkh to avoid fall and undue strain on the KLR. Check your nuts and bolts after every dirt track if you are on KLR (the weakest point of the bike). 

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ushuaia and Southern most road

Day 39 to Day 43
Getting to Ushuaia, Argentina at last! Phooi! What a ride in this adventure tour and I felt a sense of personal achievement. Despite the many difficulties and facing the elements I think it is a worthwhile effort. Would I do it again? Yes and No. Yes, if only with another riders and No, lets get to other places first before making another Ushuaia ride.
Oh! ya, I was unable to write and update this blog as often because to find time in public internet is a waste of time ( I rather take a rest). My computer laptop was stolen so thats another reason. Loss lots of pictures along with the computer.
As I was preparing to make a U-Turn back to Colombia, I realise how I would miss Ushuaia and the natural beauty surrounding this town. Adios Amigo and hope many more Malaysian can touch base in Ushuaia.