Tuesday, September 2, 2014

13 Aug 2014
   Ulaan Bataar to Baga Gazriin Chorin ( position N47deg 02.195 min, E 106deg 35.919min).
 We check-in and took over the bike. All bikes of same make and looked in good running condition. We hit the road almost mid-day as we took some time to exchange currency and bought some ration for the journey. All set and off we go.
 The road if there is such road, mainly semi desert empty grassland. Dead carcass and horses roam the grassland. There are fuel stations along the way especially at small villages. Beautiful day to start the ride though abit chilly (in the mid 20s degree plus mild wind it feel like 14 degree).

Near the airport 

Ulaan Bataar
Our support car 
New bikes for us too
Bikes tested correct. All smiles n ready to go..

Here we go...
Some memorial spot  
Part of the road 
      We stop frequently to check each other and for quick smoke break. The day to cover is way far to go. But we take it easy. We stop as we liked and destination is not what we are for but the ride.

Checking on each other 
Where is what? 
Double humps Camel first encounter 
First nite camping under open sky...Brrrrr temp. dropping 
Fuad's home cook dinner...
We settle for the day     

 We onle managed about 100km for the first day. Tired and cold...Tomorrow another big gruelling day.

Mongolia Ride 2014

12 Aug 2014  Our flight started from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong on 11 Aug 2014 . Transit in Hong Kong and continue next day to Ulaan Bataar, capital of Mongolia.

International airport at Ulaan Bataar 

First snap in Mongolia outside the airport

Mongolian Air   

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mongolia Ride 2014

11 to 29 August 2014 

  Mongolia is part of my RTW adventure ride. The original plan was to cross this country next year but this plan has to be modified due to many reasons. So, taking the opportunity to do a recce ride this year, I invited few friends to join me. A dozen names quickly wanted to go but eventually only 9 signed up. A chat room in the WhatsApp was established and we called it 'Ride Without Border'.
 Mongolia is a big vast country. Ruins by it rulers. Unfriendly vegetation and climate. There are basically 90% off-road ride. For some of us, this may be the first time riding off-road for a long duration. Can we stand the test of this rough terrain and climate? Let see. At the beginning I make it clear it is "Minority Rule" applies. That way, I believed we will still be friends after the trip. It actually works.
The Team - 9 strong men
More to follows....