Saturday, September 5, 2015

KL-London Ride 2015

5 September 2015 - Preparation Stage 

   We plan to start our ride on 10 Sep 2015. That is 5 days from today! Are we ready yet?  I had a quick check on the following. Before that I was asking myself, what would I do different this time in my rideabiketravel series? It would Keep It Simple philosophy. Now the quick check:

Bike matters - Check and ready; Visa - check; Carnet - check; Personal Insurance - check; Medical - check; Personal clothing and riding gears - check; International Driving license - check; Money matters - check. I think I am set to go.
KL-London route selected  

Bike set-up  

Test and Trial  
Test and Trial night ride
The Quartet at '0 Kilometer' mark in Kuala Lumpur
It seem all of us, Ali on his Triumph T110, Hassan and Nordin on their Honda CB500X each and me, are set to go Insha Allah. The preparation stage end.
 During those preparation stage, we in Malaysia celebrated the Eid Fitr (Muslim celebration after a month of fasting). During this time also, my family member visited me during their Summer holiday.
Nice to see them after almost 3 years I was absent during the previous Rideabiketravel series.
My two lovely grand daughters visiting me 
I look forward to this ride and hope to see you on the road somewhere. Follow me with more stories and pictures as I progress. Salam and See you.

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