Tuesday, October 29, 2013

North to Alaska

25 August 2013 

I crossed  into Alaska at the Beaver Creek border. Cold and rain welcome me to Alaska with lots of road works.
Alaska welcome me....cold   
Getting info     
Boundary Line  
Take a break at lonely out-post  
Nice paved road before Tok 
Richardson Hwy  
Along Alaska Hwy sign  
Check- in for the night  
Delta Jct. I made it the Alaska Hwy 
Alaskan Hwy information 
Alaskan pipeline information  at Delta Jct  
PIG in the Alaskan Pipeline
How PIG works 
Wow! I even get a certificate! 
After Delta Junction I continue North along the Dalton highway towards Fairbanks.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vancouver to Fort St John

17 August 2013
    Leaving Vancouver behind I drove North towards Pemberton along Hwy North 99. This hwy is scenic route until Whistler , the 2010 winter olympic town. Rain welcome me along this route. After Pemberton, I continue to 100 Miles House. Very scenic and good road condition.
   Once I drove on Hwy 97 North, the road start to wind along the rim of the Canadian Rockies. As the  log trailers pass me on the opposite direction the smell of the newly cut down logs is just so good and fresh. Smell of the pine. On this hwy I also stop over at a corn field for a U-Pick farm. Interesting to see how they run their kebun. Much different from the palm oil kebun back home.
  From Prince George, I make short detour to Fort St John rather than going to Dawson City which is 10 km away.  This marked the start of the Alaskan highway.
Towards Pemberton

Meeting with a fellow biker 
Hwy 97   
By now I have 2 additional gas tanks
U-Pick sweet corn farm 
View along hwy 97
Destruction Bay, Yukon 
Mountain goats in middle of road 
Watch out! Bison grazing   
Road works near Beaver Creek, Canada

I continued along the Alaskan Highway and cross border into Alaska at the Beaver Creek, Canada border. Next, into Alaska.

Friday, October 25, 2013

RN SC Mini Reunion

11 August 2013. Meeting old sailor mates.

It was such a memorable moment for us Paul, Brian and me when we met in Paul's house in Victoria on 12 August 2013. We last met on November 1987 in London where we attended the Royal Navy staff course at the RN College in Greenwich, London.
 From Vancouver city to Victoria, I took the BC Ferry. All motorbikes were assigned a lane and asked to board the ferry first. Tied- down the bike and you wonder around the 3 stories ferry for a 1.5 hour cruise towards the Vancouver Island. It is so nice to be at sea again.
Tied-down on deck. Observe the wooden blocks.

Motos parking bay on deck

Steering NW direction 

Victoria Harbour 

Juan De Fuca Straits and leading to Pacific Ocean  

Paul and Me  
Left to right; Brian, Paul, Louise, Margaret and Me  
After few days with the RN Staff College mates, I find it heavy to bids farewell as my journey ticks that I am a bit behind dead reckoning. Paul was good to cook dinner for us at our last nite and as we depart we vowed to stay healthy and safe with a looming opportunity to meet again soon.
 Thank you Paul and Louise for inviting me for dinner. Thank Brian and Margaret for sending me home. We will meet again Insha Allah.
  ......and my journey continues.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Going Westward....

10 August 2013

From Nelson BC, Canada I took the shortest route to the Pacific Ocean; via Canada West 3 Highway or the Crownest Route.  Along the way I observed some interesting features.

Nature at work- The Hope Landslide

Hope Land Slide 
Hope Land slide diagram      

I also had the opportunity to see the site of  Rambo 1  movie was shot at a town called Hope. The wooden bridge where Johnny Rambo was approached by the local sheriff was no longer there. It was replaced with a new concrete one. Where the scene was taken I walked like Rambo. Just fooling myself. Yek!

Version 1 Johnny Rambo
A replaced bridge leading to Hope  
At background, the forest where Johnny Rambo hide

It was still in the Muslim month of Syawal 1434 and I make a surprise visit to the Malaysia Counsellor in Vancouver. Its kind of celebration and big Malaysian style feast for me. 

Buffet Malaysian Style   

With their families
Vancouver is such a cosmopolitan  city. The Stanley Park is a popular spot to spend your relax time.

Stanley Park map, Vancouver Canada

Vancouver Harbour view

Downtown, Vancouver, Canada

Stanley Park

Stanley Park, exit gate to highway North 99, Canada

At Stanley Park 

Next, I had to cross to the Vancouver island to Victoria for a Royal Navy Staff College 86 mini reunion.