Saturday, November 23, 2013

Valdez, Alaska

1 September 2013

 The road to Valdez from Anchorage using the Glenn and Richardson highway I made was a correct decision. This super view along both highways never to regret any rider. Glenn highway, however, has slightly more traffic than Richardson because Glenn leads you to Tok and out of Alaska while Richardson brings you to dead end town called Valdez.
 I purposely want to see Valdez. In 1989, the tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound and spill 11 million gallon of crude oil and a devastating environment disaster in the history of tanker. A new International Maritime Organisation Convention ensued. New rules and regulation concerning tanker construction, safe operation and training needs.  
 I am blessed to have a deep study on this incident during my studies. Alhamdulilah. I got to see Valdez now. A new chapter of scene, though the reminder of the accident lingers to all seafarers.

Glacier at Chugach Range Alaska

Helmet n Glacier

Towards Valdez
A great feeling as I entered Valdez town limits. A small fishing and oil refinery town welcome you. Population mostly filled with workers on shift and waiting to get out of Valdez. Welcome to Valdez.
Welcome to Valdez 
Approaching Thompson Pass
Thompson Pass few kilometers before Valdez
Valdez in the yester years
Valdez harbour 
Rain rain rain in Valdez  
Clean Valdez waters 
Valdez waters in 1989

Salmon spawning season found in Valdez
Dead Salmon
After spending a day and half in Valdez, it time for me to move on to Tok and cross back in Canada.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Anchorage and Kenai Peninsula

31 August 2013

   Anchorage history is incomplete without mentioning Capt James Cook RN adventure to the New World. This he did before his return voyage towards Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean where he met his destination at the hands of the local tribes there. 
  I also took the opportunity while in Anchorage to meet and see the building of the first mosque in Anchorage. Unfortunately, the construction is still underway and not much so far. Meanwhile the Muslim community there established a temporary mosque for their regular services and prayers.
  I took a boat ride to Whittier to see whales and the marine animals there plus the glacier in the Prince William Sound. Again, the weather was at it worst for most part of the tour. Rain, rain and rain.
Harbour entrance where Capt Cook landed 
Islamic Centre Anchorage 
Temporary mosque, Anchorage 

Seward Hwy at the Kenai Peninsula 

The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel 
To get to Whittier, traffic has to go through the Anton Anderson Tunnel. The tunnel is 2.6 miles one way traffic. It is  a combine road and rail track. It is a concrete and metal plate, very slippery when wet and motorcycle to pass through last. Hold your breath when you travel in this tunnel.
Welcome to Whittier, Alaska 
Whittier a small fishing town 
Train approaching Whittier 
Boat ride to Prince William Sound 
Glacier in the Prince William Sound 
Another view of Glacier in Prince William Sound
The Seward Highway connected Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula has a magnificent view. Alas! It was raining while I ride this highway.
More glacier at the mountain range
My trusted rusty took a pose too.. 
Glacier info 
Blackie the Bear enjoying the view
......and my trip continues, next destination - Valdez.

Anchorage and Kenai Peninsula

30 August 2013 

 The ride from Fairbanks towards Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula was not so dramatic but still there are just awesome mountain feature and pine forest. Some of the remnants of the forest fire are still visible for miles.
   I have to pass Denali National Park because it is expensive and I can't ride my bike into it.
It was rain rain all day long and thought I should head on straight for Anchorage. That what I did.
Here some pics of Anchorage with the hand phone camera. Ooop! sorry not as clear as I wanted it;

Captain J Cook once landed here
Main town hall Anchorage
Just me fooling around a post 
More pic to follow...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pic of the Day

27 August 2013

  You took many wonderful pictures of your travel episodes, some may come up best of the best at least that what you think. Like wise, I have that kind of pictures too though many have also saved in my own memory bank - my brain.
  During the recent Alaska ride, this pic is one of the best I would treasured most:

Passing the Atigun Pass, Dalton highway 

On the way up to Prudhoe Bay, one may have to pass this Pass. It was raining, road was muddy, slick, and left over snow from 2 day before along the sideway and freezing cold. It was passable to traffic. A truck overtook me fast down this slope, throwing mud, stones all over me. Damn you, why cant you sloe down!
 On the return leg, snow and ice rain along the Pass though it was sunny still it freezing cold. This critical pass determined whether one can continue to Prudhoe Bay or Fairbanks. In some months the Pass is closed for all traffics. If you are stranded there turn back to Coldfoot or Prudhoe bay which ever direction you came  from. I have not read anyone camp along the Pass. If you are not prepared do not attempt camping there. At best the temperature there in winter could just be around -10 degree C.
 Please comment this pic.
My journey continue to Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bike Drop!

27 August 2013

The day I was about to start riding and all set. I was careless to park the bike at an unfavorable spot and  down the bike on the right side puncture the fuel tank. No choice but to extend my stay another day in Fairbanks.
What a day!   
I placed a bucket to collect dripping fuel
I can afford the smile. It is important. 
Undo the tank bag lashing.
This guy help me get the fuel tank fixed
Sometimes, when things happen not your way you have to sit back and take a deep breath ask yourself has this been good? Of course when you think positive you get a positive return. Something I wish to share with you. So I stay another day in Fairbanks but that give me another day of rest and look see Fairbanks. 
  Fixing back the KLR tank is not that a big deal work. Few nuts and bolts. After test, all seem working good and I am ready to go the next day.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dalton Highway

......Some other pictures along the Dalton Highway. From Prudhoe Bay I rode with 3 other bikers right down to Fairbanks. It took us almost 16 hours and I being the strangler as the bike was running harsh on the sprockets and chain which need replacement urgently. But other 3 bikers were good enough to escort me safely to Fairbanks. Thank you folks!
The Bear
Stop for pic
One of my best view 
Low cloud 
Winding road 
Alaska Tundra 
Masha Allah 
I like this view...AllahuAkbar!
The Alaskan pipeline 
Alaskan tundra another view 
Fueling at Prudhoe Bay 

Oh! What a feeling. 
Pit stop for pee..
Oh! The sky is clearing. 
Final slope  
After Prudhoe Bay, I turned Westward towards Alaska capital - Anchorage.